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Catch up for a chat where we can [really] work out what you need [or if you need it]. Strategy is not platform specific so these calls usually start with this question:

  • What is it that you're trying to achieve & how will you know when you're there. We work backwards from there, in a real way [meaning you can see actual results because we get all codey so we can have logic like,  If this happens, we do a. If that happens, we do b.]

Let me know:

  • your preferred date and time
  • your email address and contact number
  • your website and a rough idea of what you want to talk about [It's OK if you don't know. It's normal]

If you don't hear from me within 24 hours of sending this message, please text me on +61 407 001 665 as there is a possibility that the SPAM filter is working OT!

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