Google Ads Management

Ads Management for those with ecommerce or service based businesses who want to tap into the power of the worlds biggest marketplace.

You're a successful SMB Owner, possibly wearing all the hats and looking to expand with a long term partnership who provides value for your business and feels like they're on your team. Someone who has the same about their own business as you do yours.

If you're also the kind that likes to lean into numbers [or at least know that is where the value lives, even if you don't go there] and want to have a dedicated manager who you get to know, read on.

A small business with big impact.


Personalised service of Google Ads Management backed by data driven marketing insights with your long term growth at the core.

[That I do remind you of...because consistency wins and I am a big fan of a plan!]

Here's what you get:

  • A person who has the abiity to translate 'tech talk'  into the kind of lingo that is valuable to you. [That may or may not be tech talk. You let me know your preference].
  • Audit and set up of your Google Ads Account
  • Reporting Dashboard Build
  • Video reports with actionable insights
  • Mentoring and guidance as required in digital marketing* [within reasonable scope]
  • One Account Manager [me]

Quit worrying about what to do next. 

Let's create a plan tailor made for your business.

Prices indicated below for most businesses but this may alter depending on scope of work. Figure is a general guide and a good indication of what to expect.

Investment - average $800 AU/month

Investment - average $800 AU/month


  • Recommended to have an allowance of $40-$50 per day for ad spend on top of management fees
  • You really will probably not see a normalised return for the first three months
  • A return on your investment of around 3-4% is quite standard when all things are considered
  • Your results on Google Ads will be given in context with your other marketing pursuits and explained why it is imortant to understand this [and will be reported on]
  • Where expertise is needed in another area, I will gladly help you source the right person for the job

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