Google Analytics + Google Tag Manager Set Up + Audit 

[For people who think they don't know how to use Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager but really want control of their digital marketing!]

What you want is to know that the money you are pouring into your entire digital marketing strategy is working. You've invested in  branding, website builds, education, outsourcing. The list [and $$] go on and yet you still feel like you are going in circles gaining no real meaningful traction. It's an ongoing merry-go-round that can leave you out of energy, dollars and patience.

But how the heck do you easily see the results of all the different marketing things you are doing and start to plan ahead reliably?

You can't change what you don't measure.

[You're gonna hear that - alot!]


Time to stop and get back in the driver's seat. Understanding your business 'norms' means  you can outsource to experts [or DIY] knowing exactly what results you need specific to your business.

Stop comparing yourself with others and focus on taking one meaningful step at a time.

While other businesses are busy hopping from agency to agency chasing wins and starting over and over again, you are working with your chosen agency [or DIY'ing], steadily executing plans and improving your results.

Correct and strategic implementation of the tech stuff removes all the fear so it 'just is' done right, allowing you to monitor all of your digital. marketing results in one unbiased place leaving you with a foundation that is rock solid and the most informative planning tool you'll get your hands on.

Here's what you get:

  • A tech person who translates 'tech talk'  into 'real talk' so you truly become acquainted with stuff that matters and don't feel like you are trying to listen to a foreign language.
  • A 60-minute Digital Marketing Session so I can understand the lay of the land, where you are heading working out how to approach this the best way and set expectations.
  • All the under the hood tinkering. A full Analytics Audit, looking at what has or hasn't been done. Leaving you with a set up that has 'just had my teeth cleaned and polished' freshness feels - without sitting in the dentist's chair.
  • Set up of my five most important filters in Analytics so your data is clean, easy to read and useful.
  • Connection of current platforms through Tag Manager* so that when you are ready to go full steam ahead with your marketing, you've got a powerhouse of a machine ready to leverage your reach [pro tip: start before you are ready].
  • A report of the Analytics Audit outcomes identifying future what opportunities
  • Post implementation session to discuss the Audit and how you can leverage this beginner implementation to your not so beginner advantage.
  • A video showing you the Analytics set up and how to use just one report in Analytics to get massive insights. [Think Facebook, Google Ads, Email Marketing, Podcast Interviews - all the things and understand if they really are bringing traffic to your site.]

Quit worrying about marketing platforms like Facebook,  Instagram and email changing. Forget about shiny object syndrome. 


Instead? Focus on what matters. Like how many people are seeing your offer and, are they doing what you intended them to do on your website? If not, why not? Independent marketing advice to discuss possible solutions for your digital strategy and help brainstorming your next move on the right platform at the time.


BONUS: Full Access to UTM training and planning spreadsheet. The perfect [and essential] complement to a solid digital marketing strategy.

Investment - $895 AU

Investment - from $895 AU


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